What are the Rewards of Achieve Card?

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Besides prepaid card, it is also called Achieve Rewards Card because it offers more loyalty programs for their customer. Achieve rewards loyalty program offers rewards points means when you make purchases, you can earn points on that. The Cardholder can earn AchievePoints every time you use your card at participated retail shops.

How to earn points:

For every dollar direct deposited onto your card, you can earn double AchievePoints.
Using Debit Card, you will get one point when you spend $1 on purchases.
Get bonus points are awarded on the 5th of each month, for the previous month's activity.
When you load at least $1,000, you will get 1,000 Bonus Points.
The Cardholder can earn 1,000 Bonus Points, when they make at least 30 purchases.
To keep your account in good standing, pay your monthly maintenance fee. If your maintenance fees have paid, the bank will provide you bonus like 1000 points your first month, 2,000 points your second month, and 10,000 bonus per month after month 10.

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